Are you looking for ways of reducing ways of creating or using products that may cause damage to the environment and promote your business at the same time?

Giving away eco-friendly recycled & sustainable products branded with your logo could be a great opportunity for raising awareness, not only of your brand but also of your commitment to the environment. Every company would like to strive to be more environmentally responsible so why not use UK recycled materials and products made in the UK to promote your business?

We have a huge range of eco products and if you do not see what you are looking for here please ask!
From lanyards recycled from plastic, yams or bamboo which makes them bio-degradeable to bags and pens that do the same you are no longer restricted to a few oddities but a whole catalogue of options and possibilities that all carry the same high standard as the rest of our products.


RECYCLED:  The process by which materials otherwise destined for landfill are collected, separated and re manufactured into a range of environmentally friendly products. ie bags, leather wallets & folders, conference pads

BIODEGRADEABLE:  Materials that are easily decomposed using natural bacteria. ie jute bags, plastic drinks bottles, carrier bags. Materials that are easily decomposed using natural bacteria. Ie jute bags, plastic drinks bottles, carrier bags

SUSTAINABLE:  Materials that cause little or no damage to the environment, promoting social responsibility. Bamboo USB’s, pens made from sustainable timber

ENERGY SAVING: Products designed to work through alternative energy methods such as water powered or windup batteries. Ie clocks, calculators, torches


ORGANIC: Materials produced from plant crops grown without the chemicals. Ie lanyards, bags & clothing

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